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I feel like dinner time is the only time that we all are in one room together for more than 5 mins. It is my favorite time of the day! i love to hear what my kindergärtner did in school and watch my 20 month old eat like a big girl. We ALWAYS eat dinner at the table and all the tvs go off theres no music and no other interruption! Its just the family! This will be something that we will do for years until im an empty nester! (and then i cant wait to have sunday funday dinners)


Dinnertime is just a given and always has been. So it's an ingrained part of our day.

That being said, I make it a point to never discuss anything with any emotion or negative connotation to it at the table. It's not the time or the place.

When my family was bigger we'd go around the table and all say our best and worst part of our day. The children really looked forward to that.


The dinner table is where we gather to share the events of our day. It's also where we as a family fellowship. Lots of laughs at our family table


Dinnertime is the one time of day my busy house slows down, we all pitch in to make it, and then we sit down and one by one we say something that was wonderful about our day before we eat.

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