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Kelly from Kelly's Lucky You

I agree! I'm not sure what I did to be invited to this truly memory-making event either, but I wish I knew because I want to keep doin' it :)

I've been a heartfelt fan of Disney for years and seeing the look on my daughter's face when we visit Walt Disney World only cements those feelings of respect and gratitude for an awesome company that makes the dreams of children and adults alike, come true.

Thank you for voicing so eloquently the feelings of bloggers for Disney!


Hey Kelly! Thanks for stopping by to leave a comment. I am totally with you...we have been Disney uber-fans forever!! I can't even explain what happens to us when we are surrounded by Disney peeps and magic....truly unexplainable.

Thank you so much for your nice words ...but i am truly humbled and honored to have been part of the celebration, as I am sure you are! :)

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