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And I hear it gets even tougher! :(

I find death the hardest subject to talk or think about as an adult, but I think it's because it was never properly explained to me (not that it can be) as I was growing up. It's definitely not an easy subject to talk about - especially with little kids. But, you seemed to do a great job.

Sorry to hear about Fishy Red.


I can't wait to meet Clementine! She looks beautiful. I am sorry about Fishy Red. God has a purpose for all living creatures. Fishy Red had served its purpose. I'm sure there are some books out there that suggests ways of explaining death to young children on terms they can understand.

Nina Kelley

The fish I had in my classroom used to do that ALL the time!!!! I think we went through five different fish one year because they kept jumoing out, sometimes during the weekend when they had NO change of being saved. Darn fish.

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