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Very nice! I love printables and these are fantastic!


Amy, thank you SO much! I really enjoy your blog so your compliments mean a ton to me! :) Have a great day!


Carey Iennaccaro

These are great...forwarding to friends!!!


Glad you like them! Hopefully your friends will find them useful too!

Kasey@All Things Mamma

I love these! My daughter is getting ready to start preschool, so I understand the "nesting" phase you're going though. I thought it was just me. Haha!


Hi Kasey! My youngest is starting preschool in September so I know how you feel! I am so glad you like the printables and hope you get lots of use out of them! Take care!



These are GREAT! I LOVE them!! I'm adding them to my BTS links post!!



TidyMom -
So glad u like them! I enjoy your blog tremendously! Can't wait to see your BTS list of goodies too!


Pam @ This Humble House

Came over from TidyMom...Love the link to Cosi! Thanks for posting that!

Amy @ Living Locurto

Those school notes are great. I was going to make some, but you saved me a lot of time! I'll be linking here.



Pam - Thank you for visiting! Hope you enjoy the printables & Cozi!

Amy - Thanks so much for your kind words! Glad I was able to share something to save a fellow mom some time! :)



These are just great! Thanks so much for sharing.


Thanks Sheri! So glad you're enjoying them!



I love your organizational ideas and printable pages for keeping up with meals, appointments, and even kids school notes. Thank you so much for sharing!!!


Hi Fannie! Thanks for stopping by! Glad you enjoyed the printables....they've been keeping me on track this back-to-school season thus far!

Danielle @ Life with the Hewitt Family

Thanks for the link to Cozi...I think this is just what my family needs. I feel like I am constantly reminding my husband about something. Now I can enter it and let Cozi remind him.

The printable pages are super cute too!

High School newbie

These are great! my mom forwarded this
link to me because i starting high
school in a few weeks and i needed
planner to help me through the year
and these will be perfect! thanks
so much =D


I'm having trouble printing the school note. The page is coming out blank. Is it working for anyone else?


I'm a second grade teacher and I LOVE the "School Notes for..." I wish all my parents had these!!!


Well, thanks Elizabeth! :) I am glad you find them useful!


These are great. I would love to make copies and give to my third grade parents. This would be sooo helpful in the classroom. I don't know what your copywrite rules are and would hate to take advantage....


Sheila, thank you for asking! You have my permission to copy and distribute free of charge to your classroom parents! I am so glad you find them useful! :-)

Rachelle Smith

I was having the same problem in Internet Explorer, but not in Firefox. Maybe try opening the window in a different browser. hope this helps.


these are soooo helpful when you've got 5 kids! x


Thanks, busymom! I bet you stay quite busy with 5 kiddos! :)

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