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Thanks Candy for linking up. I have wanted to begin reading chapter books with my son now that he is in kindergarten. I will have to see if it is at my library.

Barbara O'Connor

Wow! You just made my day! Thanks so very much!

Barbara O'Connor


Beckie, my pleasure on the link! :) Chapter books are so fun. I hope you enjoy reading this one as much as I did!


Oh, my, Barbara! YOU just made MY day with your nice comment! It is my pleasure to share your book with my readers! We just put one of your other titles - Fame and Glory in Freedom, Georgia - on hold at the library too! Can't wait to start reading! Thank you for your fun reads that are fun for moms too!


Candy: I read this book to my last 3rd grade class who I am not teaching in 5th grade. Those same students STILL remind me of when I read that book to them AND they still check it out to reread it!! It is such a heartwarming story and during these tough economic times, we need to be appreciative of having those things we need, not necessarily what we want. My favorite character was (I can't recall the name)the gentleman at the abandoned house. I just tried to remember how your cousins from Georgia speak and went with that twang! Love y'all.

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