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So cute!! Thanks for the ideas. DO you happen to have the printable for the top? I am not very good at making things! I already have these molds so this is perfect!


Hi Trish! Thanks for stopping by. I am so glad you like the ideas. As requested, I am editing this post to include the PDF download for the LEGO Valentine topper. Please let me know if it works for you! Thanks again! :)


thanks so much for the printable! i'm using our lego molds for the first time to melt down old crayons into recycled lego crayons for my son to pass out to his friends and this will be the perfect topper!


That is so awesome! We love making crayon molds too...but I never thought of using the LEGO molds for that! I am so glad you will get use of the printable! Thanks again for stopping by and sharing your comments. :)



Thanks for the topper idea. I used candy lego blocks (you can build with them!!!) and candy melt minifig in the molds and a variation on your topper for my homeschooled boys first ever Valentine's day party - everyone adored them!!


Hi there,
My daughter is giving mini figs to her classmates this year and I love this topper for the package. Any chance you could share an editable version of this? I would love to shrink it down to fit the mini fig package better, and get 4 to a page.

candy @ mommypalooza

Hi Amy! That is so awesome...I'd love to see how they turn out. Feel free to share a photo of them completed over on my Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/mommypalooza.

Per your request, below I am sharing the original Microsoft Word document that I used to create the topper. I hope this helps you with what you are creating. Enjoy!



I'm getting bubbles in the mold so they are popping out with incomplete circles on the top, any suggestions? I'm using melting wafers from Michaels...

candy @ mommypalooza

I'm not sure why that is happening. Maybe make sure before putting the contents into the mold, that there are no bubbles. I think I might have used a toothpick to stir each piece up before it set. I hope you figure it out soon. Thanks! :)


Katy - just tap the mold on the counter a few times and all the bubbles should rise to the top and pop and you won't have any left in the molds

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i'm using our lego molds for the first time to melt down old crayons into recycled lego crayons for my son


I love using these molds to make things. I have to say it is taken me some time to get use to it.


oh MY! Those are absolutely adorable! I kinda want to make them for my husband's employees! :)


This is just the inspiration I needed! I put away all of the holiday decorations, and just hadn't gotten a jumpstart on Valentine's Day yet.

Sara P. (@SensiblySara)

Oh I love that! "You're a friend I'll never LEGO of!" SO CUTE!! I don't think I can make chocolates for our school (I do have the mold!) but I could run to the LEGO store and bet a tub full of LEGO bricks for cheaper than the chocolate!!

Ellen That Chic Mom

How cute are those! And everyone loves Legos boys and girls, great idea.

Liz Mays

I love those Lego gift bags. That's so creative and cute!


That is such a cute idea!! My nephew loves LEGOs and these toppers will be great for his school Valentines. I think we will take the easy way out though and use the LEGO shaped candy bricks from the candy store!


This is super cute, I'm going to make this the boychild. Those lego bags are just adorable.


Love that this is something other than candy! Great way to be creative.


These are soooo cute, Candy! I want t make the lego ones!

Valerie Remy-Milora

What a sweet idea and the card is precious! I have not even begun to think of Valentine's day goodies yet but we always come up with something that is a keeper and not sugar :-)

Digna D.

What a cute idea. I know so many people who are into Lego these days too. Thank you for sharing.

Karen W

These are super cute. Legos are so popular with boys and girls so these are perfect! Thanks for the download!


These are super cute

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