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I love cherry coke.


I'm a huge fan of cherry coke!


Diet coke all the way! My husband loves Vanilla Coke, but it's hard to find.

kelley wood

just regular coke!


Love the regular Coke Classic!


Regular coke is my favorite

kymi a

I love diet coke!


Coke Zero!


I love the original [regular] Coke.


Diet coke for me

amy williams

I love just plain coke

Mary Williams

Diet Coke!


I love Diet Coke


Coke Zero is my family's favorite

Cynthia R

my favorite is a can of regular coke

Laurajj Jacobson

I love the Diet Coke!


Diet Coke

Lola Violets 2010

I love their original coca cola

Thanks for the awesome giveaway!

Allison Swain Downes

Karin A

I like regular Coke.


Diet Coke with Lime.


Diet Coke is the best... OK I am probably addicted.. but I still feel like there is nothing like it.. love it really cold!

Lynsey @MoscatoMom

I am about to blow your mind.... I have NEVER drank soda. Of any kind. I dont like anything carbonated. I mean, I've tasted it... but that's about it.

BUT I do love their commercials LOL


@MoscatoMom: U crack me up! My kids don't like carbonation either...not even sparkling apple juice at New Year's time! :) Did you know that the @Coca-Cola product line represents Vitamin Waters, Dasani, and the Odwalla juices?! They also of course have other non-carbonated favorites like Minute Maid juices! :)

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