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Lisa @ A Little Slice of Life

Pinned for future use! I hated spending a lot of money on clothes during my last pregnancy that I was only going to wear for a few months!


At 25 weeks along with my first, I'm definitely starting to rethink my wardrobe. I normally wear sizes 16-18, with a lot of empire waist shirts, so I've been able to use the stretchy ones, but it's the pants I've had to find. A neighbor also gave me some of her plus size clothing, which I've adjusted to make a little more flattering. I love shopping at my local thrift store, but haven't gone back consistently enough to find much. I ordered some tights, a skirt, and some yoga capris online, and think I'll be able to get by with what I have once I order some jeans. One of the easiest ways I've found to make my regular jersey shirts more flattering is by wearing a small belt or ribbon just under my chest. It turns them from t-shirts into tailored looks. Thanks for the tips!


Lisa & Nicole,
Thanks so much for your comments! I agree (Lisa) - spending money on clothes that you only will wear for such a short period of time seems like such a waste! :/

Nicole - I love jersey shirts but never thought to add the ribbon or belt before...great tip! :)

Thanks to you both for sharing your thoughts!

Maternity Clothes UK

Great post Candy. Any way to save is much appreciated.

Nice collection and wonderful idea. We featured a lot of these amazing pieces on our blog as well. I love re-using items to make new ones. Very eco-friendly! Thanks for your tips.

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