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Many white women like yourself tan and plump their lips, does that mean they hate being white ? Many people who alter their looks do it because they feel it suits them better and also some with heavy monolids have the eyelid procedure to remove the excess skin that can affect their vision. Finally your children are not Asian, and neither would your grand children be, they have your white ancestry and don't remotely look Asian either.

candy @ mommypalooza

Sorry, Kami, but I am not white. You're obviously not keen on details, because my children are indeed part Asian. I have zero white ancestry in me. Get the facts straight before you come onto MY space and make judgments about MY family. I'm entitled to think what I want of Julie Chen. She's a sellout. She's ashamed of her heritage. Period.


You're the one who should be ashamed of herself Ms Tai. You have absolutely no idea as to what Ms Chen went through so many years ago. Having Asian features was nothing like it is today so it's easy to spew your judgement when you live during a time when being Asian is "exotic" instead of "weird". You may not actually be Caucasian but you look it & because of that you'll never understand how many doors were opened for you & closed to someone else who appears more ethnic. Grow up, you're going to need more wisdom than this to raise good strong boys into men...of any race.


Just FYI, your ethnicity may be Latin but your RACE is white. Educate yourself.

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