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Audrey Melanson

Hi Candy! Love your site! Just sat here for a couple of hours reading your blog and laughing out loud... Trying to reach you re: the use of the name Mommypalooza. Can you provide me with an email address for you so that we can chat? Our PTO fundraiser got a wrist-slap last year for using a copywrited name and would hate to have that happen again! Thanks!
[email protected]

Lisa Hale

Great looking site!


Hi Lisa! Thanks for stopping by! :) Love your newborn planner, btw!

The Go-To Mom

Glad to have found you!


Thanks Kimberley!! So glad I found YOU!! Looking forward 2 connecting more! :)


Hi Candy,
I came accross your blog on a news cast on the local NBC news for Black Friday. I hav enjoyed reading your posts and was curious on how I can go about starting a blog of my own? Thanks!


Hi again, ignore the previous post, I guess I created a profile and didn't realize it :)

Tracie A Carrigan

I love your since of humor! But... no coffee?? I'm sorry, but I have to have both!! Soda & Coffee!!

Lusso Bags

Ah,absolutely priceless to hear your boys say you're the Best Mom Ever!

Clipping Path

It is really nice to meet you who is such a good mom.


Hi Candy! it's really helpful blog who is such a good mom. I wish for you & your family. Thanks.

rahul amin

It is extremely helpful for me. Thank you for taking the time to discuss this. I feel strongly about it and love learning more on this topic.

Candy, love to read your site and you are a good mom this is so clear by read it, and you got nice children who knows their mom is the best. Lots of people cant get mom like you, some people get their mom but it's their bad luck their mom put hem in the dustbin and some dogs save that children. Really awesome family you've got, Be happy always. Thanks for sharing nice thing, very lucky you are.

Sophie Sarah

I'm Sophie Sarah glad to know about you.

Clipping Path House

Thanks for sharing how your thinking evolved through your writing. It's such an important reminder to keep open mind and follow our thoughts where ever they take us. Who knows what insights we'll find there!

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